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What is Vocational Rehabilitation?*

Vocational Rehabilitation agencies, often referred to as "VR", are in every state. VR helps people with disabilities prepare and look for a job. VR was created out of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. VR programs are run by state agencies. They are designed to help people with disabilities meet their career goals. They help people with disabilities get jobs, whether the person is born with a disability, develops a disability or becomes a person with a disability while working.


Vocational Rehabilitation Services [what they can help you with]


Do you qualify for services from VR?

According to the federal government, if you are:


Vocational Rehabilitation services may be different from state to state. To find your state VR, see this website, You can find your state and click on it for information about how to get in touch with them to find out more.


*Translated from “Getting the Most from the Public Vocational Rehabilitation System”, by Colleen Condon, Cecilia Gandolfo, Lora Brugnaro, Cindy Thomas and Pauline Donnelly for the Institute for Community Inclusion