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A Facilitator Is. . .

A facilitator helps lead a group to work together toward a shared goal/purpose. Being a good facilitator is a skill of all good leaders. Everyone can learn how to be a facilitator and most people have facilitated before, but just didn’t know that was what it is called. This tip sheet is about what it takes to be a good facilitator.

Teaching or Facilitating?
When we think of a person who leads a group of people, we often think of teachers. Yet, facilitating a group and teaching a class are two very different things.

What is the difference between a facilitator and a teacher?
A teacher:

A Facilitator:

Active Listening
To be a good facilitator and a good leader a person needs good listening skills. What is good listening? We’ve all had an experience talking to friends or family members and wondered if they were listening. Maybe other things going on were distracting them, or maybe they really weren’t interested in what you were saying. What did they do to make you feel that way?

A good listener is an active listener. Active Listening is listening and facilitating together.

Active listening is:

Active Listening is NOT:

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