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Tips for Facilitation – How it’s Done

Facilitation is about helping people express themselves and helping a group hear each other. It is also about moving a group through a process --like an agenda or training-- so they can make decisions and get things done. For example, you could facilitate your Individual Education Plan [IEP] meeting at school. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Ask Questions
You are a facilitator if you are helping a group of people make decisions. A facilitator should not to make decisions for a group. Instead, the group should make decisions together. These are some questions you can ask the group when you are facilitating. This can help the whole group talk about an issue or idea.

The next set of questions may be asked to help the group make a decision:

Other Tips for Facilitation

We could not find resources on facilitation written for youth by youth or youth friendly facilitation resources. Those below are not necessarily considered (by us) to be youth friendly, but they do have helpful information to share. offers their 10 hot tips

The Thiagi Group
This is a consulting Firm, but they offer some ‘freebies’ that are interesting.

Minnesota Facilitators Network
This is a list of free, on-line resources for facilitation.

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