by Sarah I.
(doc: en español)

Life's closing in on me
Don't know what to do
Don't know where to go
How can I fly away?
How can I escape?
I've only got one friend to talk to
One way to escape the torture and pain
I don't blend or fit in
I stand out all alone
Like a snake in a desert
No one understands
No one can cure me or knows how
Why am I this way?
Why me, not her?
Why do I have to live this life?
I'm tired,
Tired of living like this.
I can't give up.
I got so much ahead of me, so much to do.
How, how do I do this?
I need help,
But no one is there to help me.
I got to do I though.
Got to set a goal, reach and grab it.
Now that I'm holding it I'm on the way out.
My life is opening up.
I look back on the past,
And realize how horrible it was.
I'm still the same way physically,
But I have a different attitude.
I love life!
I want to live!
Now I know that I'm the only one who thought I didn't fit in.
I was the only one holding me back.
I'm the only one who can change my life, my future.
I am, I'm going to fight the fight.
I will live my life like this forever.

My name is Sarah. I have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury since birth, and therefore must use a manual wheelchair. I wrote this poem in my 9th grade English class a few years ago. Many believe it is a biography, but it is not.

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Este documento en espaņol.

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