Freedom in an Able-Bodied World

Freedom in an Able-Bodied World

by Naomi Ortiz

Free don't go
The voice is not enough
Talk keeps us down
And action is so hard
Free don't go

What have we done?
Where has all our power gone?

What does "no" mean
When calling out the unseen bureaucracies that transfer us to tears
And I can't get to where the meetings are held
Free don't go

Apathy only equals powerlessness
And I can't get through people's self doubts
Freedom has gone
It left when fear took its place

Now what protects us, tells me I'm not real
It allows me rights, with no accountability for those who deny them

So I stand in the same place
As others 40 years ago
Freedom has gone
Who will be our Rosa Parks?

My people are too tired to fight
all of the fights
Freedom has gone

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