by Marlin

let you feel sorry
For me
Because I struggled
Getting up and living was hard
You felt sadness; I couldn’t walk
I could only shit sanitarily
With assistance

I believed you 
When you said that I was
A hero
Because MD is hard, yet
I could still smile.
(You would not have liked
 an angry disposition)

“Why study so hard if you are going to die?”
inquired a camp counselor once.
I could not answer
Because I did not know 
The answer myself.
I was crippled
By assumption and disbelief

I woke up
Early one morning
Bolted into consciousness
Sleep still stagnate in
My eyes
Realizing that I have a Disability
Oh yes, I have a handicap
I had the worst of them all
Overdeveloped Muscular Pity

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