by Craig

Disability is such an interesting word
Sometimes its usage is absurd
You call me disabled because I have a wheelchair
However your disability requires you to stare
I call you disabled because you can't think
Isn't it odd that I am the one who is expected to sink?

Beware of he who is so insecure with himself
That he belittles others to show his wealth
But we, the "disabled", will have self-control
For we are able to listen to the voice of the soul
The voice that allows us to persevere
Whenever life's problems are near

Beware of those who love out of pity
For I have seen them and they are plenty
Instead, cherish those who love you for who you are
Theirs is the love that will travel far
"Politically correct" is just plain wrong
Despite good intent, with too much shelter you can't last long

Last but not least there is one thing I shall ask of you
Be proud of who you are despite what others say and do
Worry about yourself and not who might have you dismissed
And what it means to live rather than merely exist
Be a scream rather than a sigh
And until we meet again, my friend, goodbye

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